TSA intro

RWBAT TSA is a practioner led organisation that enables collaboration between schools at all levels to enhance the collective life chances of all pupils within our schools.

Our approach has been developed since the acceptance of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy as a phase 3 Teaching School in 2013. We follow the school improvement work of Challenge Partners which evolved from the highly successful work of the London Challenge.

Our forward direction for all schools is based purely in the power of the network and programmes within it that allow teachers and leaders to select support relevant to their context for the success of their school.

Our work overall is based around a reduction in variability in provision from school to school in provision therefore each and every school offering and taking from the network. We utilise the experiences and processes of the best schools and allow teachers and leaders to evolve these in the correct way at the correct time for their own schools.

By being a hub site for the Challenge Partner network schools within RWBAT TSA have the ability to work locally but to also expose themselves and their teachers to a wider network of 600+ schools nationally. For details of the full annual offer from RWBAT TSA please see the TSA Offer and costs page.