RWBAT has had a long and productive relationship with OLEVI, first becoming a facilitation school in 2011.

Initially facilitating the Improving Teacher Programme and Outstanding Teacher Programme, these programmes have had a dramatic impact on the standards of teaching and learning at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, with consistently high levels of learning happening on behalf of our pupils as a direct result of more consistently high quality teaching.

Driven by the combination of Teaching and Learning, Coaching, and Leadership we have seen this impact grow within our own school over the last 7 years.

It was therefore seen as a logical next step to progress to becoming a Designated OLEVI Centre; to ensure that we built both excellence within all of the schools that we work with, and also to leave a lasting legacy within these schools for their consistent development. The fundamental reasons behind our school’s decision to become a DOC were to help establish a network of facilitation schools in our local area and to provide a more regionalised approach to developing facilitators for both ITP and OTP in the South-West. It has also allowed us to greatly increase our provision, to include both the Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP) and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP) in our portfolio. We are very excited to be able to extend this even further by adding coaching and leadership programmes into our core offer. The Power of Coaching (POC) is offered as a stand-alone programme and the Outstanding Leadership in Education Programme (OLE) and Senior Outstanding Leadership in Education Programme (SOLE) have been part of our offer since September 2017; further enhancing the provision available for all schools to access. We are also very proud to be one of the first schools in the country to be able to offer the Outstanding Teacher Programme Plus as of September 2018.

We have included professional development programmes in Leadership and Coaching to further complement our strong Teaching and Learning provision. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves through continually learning from and with others within our capacity as OLEVI Quality Assurance consultants. Ultimately we are seeking to implement all of these strategies so that we can achieve our overall moral purpose; to ensure that children experience the best education possible.

Delegate Testimonials

“The beauty of these programmes is the amount you are made to think. This deep level reflection leads to profound results, both in terms of immediate and long-term application to your own teaching practice. I don’t think I ever really valued myself as a powerful resource before. Having been encouraged and coached through a process of self-reflection, I am now so much more empowered when it comes to solving problems and being creative in my classroom.”


“Honestly, without doubt, the biggest impact on my teaching career.”


“I took part in the Improving Teacher Programme as part of my school’s second year teacher development programme and it was a really beneficial few weeks. It allowed me to have time to reflect on my own teaching, what makes outstanding teaching and what the students need from a teacher. This is something I try to do on a regular basis but there aren’t always enough hours in a day so the programme was ideal to give me specific time to do this. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing ideas with a group of people from different schools and the programme leaders were absolutely superb. Since finishing the programme I have gradually explored DR ICE and although didn’t need to drastically change my teaching, have experimented with new ideas and improved the quality of my lessons.”


“The Improving Teacher Programme gave me a valuable opportunity to meet other teachers from different schools and backgrounds and share ideas that I could immediately embed and develop in my day-to-day teaching. In a busy school day it gave me time to reflect on my teaching and without doubt improved my class’s outcomes.”


“The Outstanding Teacher Programme enabled me to think about and share areas of outstanding teaching and learning with other, like-minded professionals. The programme helped me progress in my career and I found the coaching sessions enabled me to build on skills and confidence to better myself in my new role as a middle leader.”


“The Outstanding Teacher Programme reignited my passion and interest in teaching and pedagogy. It was essential time that enabled me to reflect and improve on my own teaching practice. I was able to pick up new strategies and teaching and learning resources from like-minded practitioners, as well as understanding the thinking and theory behind the strategies and the learning. I particularly enjoyed the coaching element, something that I am interested in pursuing in the future. The programme was fun, engaging, challenging; all features that I am able to channel into my lessons.”


“I took part in the OTP this year and I not only thoroughly enjoyed the programme, but found it really reinvigorated my teaching. What used to seem an impossible bar to reach, is now becoming second nature. Often training courses are intense and run over the course of a day, meaning all the great ideas get forgotten in the over-whelming number of handouts and notes. However, the structure of the OTP meant that I could drip feed new resources, approaches, and methods into my teaching over a period of time, without it becoming unsustainable or changing my teaching style overnight. Working with other schools and also taking part in the coaching sessions allowed me to recognise not only my areas for development, but my strengths as well.”


“I’ve had the opportunity to attend both the Outstanding Teacher Programme and the Outstanding Facilitator Programme in the past two years. I had no prior knowledge of the programmes, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but the OTP lived up to its name and was challenging from the start. I enjoyed sharing ideas with colleagues from other subject areas, other key stages and other schools and found that everything could be adapted and used in my own classroom. I have used DRICE and my OFP experience to ensure that they become independent, resilient and highly motivated learners.”


“Quite simply, the best CPD I have received in 20 years within teaching.”


Headteacher Testimonials

“The Outstanding Facilitators Programme was some of the best CPD our Senior Leaders have ever been on and it has made us reconsider how we facilitate training more effectively in all that we do. Schools in our Alliance have used some of the OTP and ITP programmes internally, having a very positive effect on teaching and learning especially where there has been a high number of new staff. The fact that there is so much dialogue and challenge in the OTP has been very positively received by delegates and they have been quick to try out new ideas in the classroom. Our teachers have become even more reflective and increasingly aware of how to make the learning in their lessons outstanding and this is helping to drive improvement across the school. The programmes have helped to inspire our teachers to achieve their very best and to share this to the benefit of everyone. The ethos of collaboration and coaching encouraged through all of the programmes has helped to develop our culture of continual, sustained improvement.”


“We have had members of staff participate in the Outstanding Teacher Programme and the Improving Teacher Programme over the last three years.

The Outstanding Teacher Programme has enabled staff who were already demonstrating outstanding practice in school to reflect on all elements of their teaching. In doing this, they were able to identify and build on areas of strength, thus ensuring that outstanding practice was consistent. Furthermore, through this clarity of self-awareness, they have developed teaching and learning across our school, sharing good practice, inspiriting and mentoring others.

We have used the Improving Teacher Programme as a way of continuing the professional development of our NQT+1 year teachers as they grow in their career. It has helped them gain in confidence and allowed them to work with colleagues in refining and developing their teaching as well as provide support.”


“Wood Green School initially engaged with the OLEVI programmes as we wanted a way to develop the skills of our best teachers so they could then in turn develop the skills of other teachers. However, we soon realised that the principles of DR ICE should form the ethos of teaching and learning at Wood Green School as they encapsulate what great teaching should always be. To that end, we are embedding the principles of DR ICE in all of our work. This means shaping our teaching and learning policy around them, ensuring all of our INSET is based around the principles, our lesson planning and observation forms will reflect them and we will make sure every teacher understands them through whole school training, even if they haven’t yet been on an OLEVI programme. In essence, the principles are timeless and allow us to have a clear idea about what we need to do to deliver outstanding teaching and learning, regardless of the agendas governments or inspectorates have. ”



Programme 1Programme 2Programme 3
Wednesday 9th JanuaryWednesday 27th FebruaryWednesday 12th June
Thursday 17th JanuaryThursday 7th MarchWednesday 19th June
Wednesday 23rd JanuaryWednesday 13th MarchMonday 24th June
Wednesday 30th JanuaryWednesday 20th MarchThursday 4th July
Thursday 7th FebruaryThursday 28th MarchThursday 11th July
Wednesday 13th FebruaryWednesday 3rd AprilWednesday 17th July


Programme 1Programme 2
Wednesday 19th SeptemberWednesday 24th April
Wednesday 26th SeptemberWednesday 1st May
Thursday 4th OctoberThursday 9th May
Tuesday 18th October - POCThursday 23rd May - POC
Wednesday 7th November - POCWednesday 5th June - POC
Wednesday 21st NovemberThursday 20th June
Wednesday 5th DecemberWednesday 3rd July


Programme 1
Wednesday 16th January
Thursday 24th January
Wednesday 6th February
Wednesday 6th March
Thursday 14th March
Wednesday 27th March
Thursday 4th April


Programme 1Programme 2
Wednesday 12th DecemberFriday 7th June
Wednesday 19th DecemberFriday 14th June


Programme 1
Thursday 28th February
Thursday 7th March
Thursday 21st March
Thursday 28th March
Thursday 4th April


Programme 1
Tuesday 25th June
Wednesday 26th June
Thursday 27th June

Outstanding Leadership in Education (OLE) – Programme Dates

Programme 1Programme 2
Thursday 20th SeptemberThursday 25th April
Thursday 27th SeptemberThursday 2nd May
Wednesday 3rd OctoberWednesday 8th May
Wednesday 10th OctoberThursday 16th May
Wednesday 17th OctoberWednesday 22nd May
Thursday 8th NovemberThursday 6th June

For further information or to book onto a programme, please email Rhiannon Hayden at rhayden@rwba.org.uk

All programmes are held at The North Wiltshire Teacher Education Centre adjacent to Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, Lime Kiln, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, SN4 7HG

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ProgrammeRRPNon Alliance SchoolsLocal TSA’sNW FEDCP HUB/RWBAT TSA
OTAP£435£415£300£2002 places* @ £100
ITP£575£550£350£2756 places* @ £100
OTP£615£585£385£2956 places* @ £100
OTP PLUS£615£585£385£2952 places* @ £100
POC£435£415£300£2003 places* @ £100
OLE£435£415£415£2353 places** @ £100
SOLE£435£415£415Pro-Rata for SLTsPro-Rata for SLTs
OFP£650£650£650£650 - BOGOF^£650 - BOGOF^

* Places per academic year invoiced at £100 per place
** OLE places per academic year invoiced at £235 per place
^ First place is charged at full rate, second is free